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The Actress Lily Collins and Director Charlie McDowell Are Officially Married

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Lily Collins married her boyfriend, Charlie McDowell. The Emily in Paris star shared the good news on Instagram. The joyful occasion took place on September 4th.

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The 32-year-old actress and 38-year-old director's relationship became known in 2019. The lovers did not hide their feelings for each other - they went out together, published romantic photos on Instagram. And last fall, the couple got engaged. Prior to that, McDowell had affairs with Emilia Clarke and Rooney Mara. For both him and Lily, this marriage was the first.

However, the couple decided to postpone the wedding. This was most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic. And yesterday, the celebrity finally told the fans the good news that she got married by publishing several pictures in which she posed with her husband. The wedding photos were taken in the forest.

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