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The Actress Sharon Stone Announced the Death of Her 11-Month-Old Nephew

Sharon Stone Mourns the Death of Her Nephew River on Social Media

Sharon Stone shared the sad news on social networks: her nephew did not survive and passed away on August 30, 2021. Sharon posted a video tribute to the baby for a song that musician Eric Clapton wrote after the death of his own son.

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A few days ago, an 11-month-old boy was taken to the hospital due to internal organ failure. Then, Sharon Stone asked fans to pray for her dying nephew. The 63-year-old actress told fans that her nephew was in the hospital, where doctors were desperately fighting for his life.

11-Month-Old Nephew Death

River Stone is the son of the actress's brother. She periodically posted photos with him on her Instagram page. The reasons for the condition of the godson of the star are not yet known.

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