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The Astronauts Recently Enjoyed Some Fresh Vegetables Grown Right on the Board


Thanks to the efforts of crew member Michael Hopkins, the astronauts currently on the International Space Station have recently enjoyed some fresh vegetables.

NASA's SpaceX mission commander has initiated four experiments to produce vegetables, the last two of which were completed on April 13. The teams tested a new space culture, namely Amara mustard and pak choi Extra Dwarf, which had previously been successfully grown. They spent 64 days on the whole process. Hopkins was using small special brushes for pollination of the plants after which a high yield of seeds followed.

This experiment was important because the teams need to understand how the cultivation and pollination process works in microgravity and reduced gravity conditions. Soon, in addition to vegetables, it is planning to send fruits to the station: pepper seeds and dwarf tomatoes.

The rich harvest gathered from the latest experiment allowed the team of astronauts to diversify their meals in space. While ordinary foods for astronauts offer variety and nutrients, fresh grains are a perfect addition. Hopkins said that plants were very valuable and they all feel the connection to the Earth. And this is one of the reasons they dedicate their personal time to gardening new cultivations.

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