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The attorney of Britney Spears applied petition to remove her father from managing her medical arrangements

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Britney Spears' attorney asked the judge, who is supervising her custody, to remove her father, Jamie Spears, and replace him with Jodi Montgomery. The request, in the form of a petition, was applied to the Los Angeles Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Jamie Spears has been her custodian since 2008. But since Jamie started having health problems in September 2019, Montgomery has become the star's temporary conservator. "Britney cannot agree to any form of treatment"- it was said in a statement registered on October 10, 2014. So, Montgomery must take full care of her. It was also added that, according to medical decisions, Montgomery will be able to restrict visitors by any means and may even hire nurses and guardians for the singer.

The stars' father was first selected by the court as the custodian of his daughter's estate in 2008 after a series of personal problems. For most of this period, he also supervised her health and medical decisions. In 2019, Jamie Spears became the only keeper of the singer's fortune, which is estimated at 60 million dollars.

In December, Jamie said he hadn't spoken to his daughter since last summer. And he added that he loves his daughter very much and misses her. "When a loved one needs special care and protection, the family should help, which I have been doing for the past 12 years"- her father said then.

However, whether there will be an end to the custody is up to Britney. If she wants to end the guardianship, she can ask to do so. According to court documents received in December, Britney will no longer perform while her father monitors her condition. The next hearing about her custody is planning for April 27.

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