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The Beloved of Germ Was Kidnapped in Front of Him. The Girl Was Found Dead

Rapper Germ Witnessed His Girlfriend Kidnapping, She Was Then Killed

In Atlanta, an unknown kidnapped and killed the girlfriend of the American rapper Germ. The incident happened just in front of the performer.

Germ's beloved one Mariam was found dead after she was kidnapped by an unknown person near the house just in front of the rapper. The performer was unable to help his beloved.

Mariam, who was 27, worked as a bartender. On that tragic morning, around 5:00, she was returning home from work. Near the house where the girl lived with the artist, an unknown person approached her. He threatened her with a pistol and pushed her into the car, after which the car drove away.

Germ watched the situation from the outside and could not intervene in it. It was he who called the Atlanta police and told them about the incident. Germ's car was blocked, so he could not catch up with the criminals. The rapper also didn't have a gun with him because he had only recently been released from prison on gun-related charges. Germ attempted to chase the kidnappers on foot and released his pit bull after them, but they managed to escape.

A few hours later, law enforcement officers found the girl, but she was already dead. Her body was found a mile and a half from the abduction site. During the examination, the girl was found to have several gunshot wounds.

On his Instagram page, Germ posted several photos with Mariam, under which he left touching words and a declaration of love.

It was later reported that a suspect in the abduction and murder of a 27-year-old girl was detained. The man was arrested after long harassment on the road that ended in an accident.

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