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The Biden’s Replica Replaces Donald Trump at Disneyland President Hall

An animatronic figure of US President Joe Biden has taken center place in the Hall of Presidents (Disneyland, California) instead of former American head Donald Trump. This information was reported on July 19.

During the past few months, the renovations have been going on to bring President Joe Biden to the stage as the 46th President of the United States. Disney Imagineers is now putting the finishing touches on the show, which will debut for guests in August.

The president's speech will match his inaugural speech, and the room will be decorated with flowers that symbolize his home state of Delaware and the aviator glasses that Biden wears to protect his eyes from the sun.

Fans demanded that Disney get rid of Trump's animatronics from the theme park, while others disagreed and argued that the figure of former President Trump should remain in the attraction along with all other former US presidents. Well, Disney has recently confirmed that the figure of former US President Donald Trump took a place among other American leaders in the same room.

Animatronics is a technology to simulate movement and sound from living things in films and theme parks.

The Disney Presidents' Hall invites the visitors to a theater that presents realistic audio-animatronic copies of all leaders of the United States.

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