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The Biological Father of Eminem’s Non-Binary Adopted Child Dies of an Overdose

Eric Harter, has died of an overdose

The biological father of Eminem's adopted child, Eric Harter, has died of an overdose. The man's cause of death became known thanks to a recently published police report. Eric's own mother found his dead body in a quitted house in Detroit. As it turned out now, a dangerous combination of hard drugs led to his death.

19-year-old Stevie Lane Mathers, who until August of this year called herself a girl and responded to the name Whitney, is a common child of Harter and Eminem's ex-wife Kim Scott. A few weeks ago, Stevie made a coming out a coming out as a non-binary person. This happened a few days after her mother was hospitalized after another attempt to commit suicide. Kim was found on the floor in her bathroom and then was immediately provided with medical help.

Eminem and Kim got married in 1999 but then divorced two years later. In 2006, they got back together for a few months. Their common daughter, Hayley Jade, is already 25 years old, and the rapper also adopted Whitney and Alaina, the daughter of Kim's twin, who also died after a long struggle with drug addiction. At the same time, in one of his videos in Tiktok, Whitney (now Stevie) claims that Eminem called himself her own father, and she only learned about the biological one from the newspapers after his death.

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