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The Blogger From America Stephanie Matto Is Now Selling Her Farts in a Glass Jar

Stephanie Matto sold her gase in jar

An American blogger has recently decided to sell her farts in a jar at the request of subscribers. Such a glass pot that is now being sold by Stephanie Matto costs 1,000 dollars. The enterprising girl claims that she is making a high-quality product. According to her, she deliberately keeps herself on a special diet and lays the bottom of the jar with rose petals so that the smell does not disappear.

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Earlier, an American from Utah amazed everyone by putting up such an unusual lot on eBay as her own gases, diligently collected in a glass jar. Then the creative girl promised to send her own photo with a can of her gases. Such pleasure cost only 1.99 dollars plus delivery in the USA for 3 dollars.

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1 month ago

WTF???? who buys it?

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