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The British Singer Adele Helped Her Fan To Arrange a Proposal on the Stage

Adele Helped Her Fan To Arrange a Proposal on the Stage

A fan of Adele proposed to his beloved one right at the celebrity concert. The singer asked the audience to make complete silence when the man brought the girl onto the stage and asked her to marry him.

The pre-recorded One Night Only concert, during which the romantic event took place, was held in Los Angeles. During the program, the British singer asked the audience for silence in order to surprise the couple, who have been together for seven years.

The performer revealed that Ashleigh got a long-awaited job in foodservice as she is a vegetarian chef. She decided to celebrate her achievement with her lover, Quentin, who, after the celebration, brought her to a concert with her eyes closed.

At some point, the lights went out, and the man took his partner onto the stage, after which he removed the blindfold from her eyes. The woman asked her soulmate what he was doing, and then he asked her to marry him.

The happy woman accepted the offer, after which the 33-year-old singer went out to them and congratulated the couple. She also invited them to take a front-row seat next to other celebrities and enjoy the concert. By the way, Adele's son was present in the hall. According to her, before that, he had not been to his mother's performances.

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