Briton Looks Like Bill Clinton And Queen Elizabeth Ii Simultaneously
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The Briton became famous in the net for being similar to Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II. Simultaneously

John Venn

42nd President Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. What do they have in common?

Two politicians from two different countries whose activities intersected at certain times (because all the current rulers crossed paths with Her Majesty), but they had not too much in common in the last 20 years.

This was before a shot from an interview with a man named John Venn appeared on the Internet, who brought Bill Clinton and Elizabeth II back together in news headlines. And with no desire at all.

Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II

The world community did not think that it would ever discuss them in the context of a common theme, but it happened. And politics has nothing to do with it.

That's the man! Doesn't his face remind you of someone?

The photo was published with the signature: "Long live King Billizabeth!"

People threw a couple more hybrid titles of Her Majesty and Bill Clinton in comments. "Queen Elizabeth Clinton II" and funny-sounding exclusively "Elizabi ll".

The man has the same name as the creator of the famous Venn diagram

We have all met such diagrams, which show all variants of intersections of several units related to anything.

In the comments under John Venn's photo, the most popular was the request to make such a diagram.


The Venn diagram of John Venn

Such coincidence with the likeness of a man with two famous personalities at the same time is okay. But the fact that this man has same name as the creator of the schematic diagram, which can clearly show the essence of the coincidence begins the mysticism!

By the way, Queen Elizabeth recently turned 94.

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