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The BTS’ Producer Shared Information about Songs and Pandemic Life during the Interview

bts producer

The main producer of the BTS band, called Pdogg, shared some information in interviews with each of the group's seven members. He explained how he developed his amazing musical skills, remembered some of his best musical moments, and more. During the conversation, he was wearing a blue shirt with a wide collar and a black baseball cap designed by the Japanese brand named Mastermind.

He said that while the team was on tour, there was no time for them to understand what things give them joy, or even relax. But staying at home this whole year due to the pandemic situation, gave him personally a great opportunity to finally think about what he wants and learn to love himself more. He also managed to sleep more and tried sports. And it turned out, he likes it. Every day he was doing ordinary things, such as playing games, watching different films, and singing.

But the members of the band also felt the loss, when they couldn't go on tour. it seemed to them that they were powerless. It took a while to get over those feelings. On this occasion, the Abyss song was written and its lyrics are about some of these feelings.

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