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The Court Found Zayn Malik Guilty of Violence Against Gigi Hadid and Her Mother

Zayn Malik Was Found Guilty After He Attacked Gigi Hadid Mother

Over the weekend, Zayn Malik attacked Gigi Hadid's mom. The singer hit Yolanda during an argument. On the same day, a few hours later, Malik published a post in which he wrote that Yolanda had come to his house in the absence of Gigi. Apparently, then a fight broke out between them. Zayn allegedly wanted to settle everything peacefully, but it didn't work out.

Yolanda Malik immediately reported to the police. Later, Zayn Malik was charged with four crimes against the supermodel and her mother. He admitted guilt.

As it turned out, during a quarrel with Gigi's mother, he repeatedly insulted her, and even pushed her into the closet, causing her severe pain. In a fit of anger, Malik also called Gigi in Paris and shouted at her on the phone.

Their little daughter Khai also suffered. Her crazy father called her completely offensive words and advised Yolanda to stay away from his daughter.

At first, Zayn denied his fault but eventually admitted guilt. He is prohibited from approaching Yolanda and must complete anger management and domestic violence prevention programs. Malik was sentenced to a fine and a probationary period for a year. And if something like this happens again, the punishment will be completely different. It is also reported that after that Gigi left him.

The model and singer have been together for over five years. They are raising their daughter Khai, who recently turned a year old.

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