The Judges Were Surprised With This Creepy Doll Dance During America’s Got Talent
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The Creepy Doll Dance Shocked Everyone During the America’s Got Talent Audition

The Creepy Doll Dance Shocked Everyone During the America’s Got Talent Audition

The final auditions for America's Got Talent took place on Tuesday, and the most unexpected and creative appearance of the evening was Russian dancer Pasha. After the illusionist's wife, Ailona, was unable to participate in the event as she missed her flight, the man had to improvise.

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Pasha had never performed solo before and was very nervous. But the judges gave him the opportunity to perform without a duet. And what happened next is difficult to describe. Pasha left the stage for a couple of minutes, and then the host rolled out some robot dolls. And the toys, wearing the creepy doll dance costume, looked exactly like real humans. And then they began to dance on stage.

The judges even jumped up and shouted with admiration: they had never seen anything like it before! Despite the creepy doll dance, it is still not clear whether Pasha will join the participants who passed the audition. And if he will, will we finally see his real wife? Because if he did so well without her participating in the dance, what would the planned number be? We can only guess…

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