Kanye West Confirmed the Date of Donda’s Album Release | What Is Currently Known?
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The Date of Kanye West’s New Album Called Donda Was Confirmed by the Rapper

kanye new song 2021

Track from Kanye West's future album appeared in an advertisement in support of a runner suspended from the Olympics. Richardson, who is 21, was excluded from the Olympic Games after the positive test for marijuana. After the disqualification, journalists and stars supported the athlete. The video was accompanied by the song No Child Left Behind from the new album. In the end, it was announced that the forthcoming album will be translated on July 22nd during the NBA Finals.

Donda will be the rapper's tenth album which was named after the artist's mother. Many fans are still not sure if the album will actually arrive, as the rapper has repeatedly postponed its release.

Kanye West hosted the album presentation party that took place at a Las Vegas church. At the entrance, the visitors' phones were taken away in order to avoid leaks.

Come to Life, Kanye's new song 2021, opened the presentation. On the stage, four children were playing the piano, and the track contained the voice messages of the rapper's late mother. By the way, Donda's voice repeatedly appeared at the beginning and end of some tracks.

West's upcoming album is all about faith in God and overcoming difficulties. The rapper talks about his personal problems and struggles that other people face, as well as thoughts on divorce from Kim Kardashian.

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