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The Disneyland Marvel Campus Is Finally Open in California | Meet a New Attraction

Disneyland Marvel Campus

A new place, designed in Marvel Superheros theme, has finally arrived in California’s Park. The Avengers Campus of Disneyland opening was originally scheduled for last July. Unfortunately, when the pandemic situation began, its opening was postponed.

The Disneyland Avengers Campus has a 6-acre area and is built on the territory where previously was A Bug's Land along with a part of Hollywood Land. The new thematic place features Marvel characters, offering one new attraction called Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. You can also buy or eat some snacks in the cafés nearby. For example, the Pym Test Kitchen suggests you to taste meatballs and hamburgers available in tiny or large sizes. 

The staff, working in the Disneyland Marvel Campus, will be dressed in the thematic clothes of Spider-Man costume, or Doctor Strange, or other well-known heroes. In addition, they will perform magic tricks.

The lockdown provided the developers of Disney Park with extra time, and they managed to create excellent technology and special effects. For instance, the attraction uses gesture recognition technology along with a virtual background.

And next to the attraction, you can purchase a special device which you can wear on the wrist to improve shooting skills. Another larger store offers exclusive Marvel collections of clothes and other accessories, including a statuette of the superhero for 685 dollars.

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