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The Doctors Warn: A Russian Popeye May Face Death if Petroleum Jelly Isn’t Removed

Russian Popeye May Face Death if Petroleum Jelly Isn’t Removed

In Israel, the doctors are concerned about the news that the Russian bodybuilder, known as Popeye, has injected himself to build muscle. It has been argued that the consequence may be impaired hand mobility and even death.

Kirill Tereshin, who was 20 years old then, independently injected petroleum jelly into his muscles- to increase the volume of the biceps. As a result, they became huge.

And now, the former soldier received a warning from doctors that his life is in danger. If the petroleum isn't surgically removed from the arms, the 25-year-old man will not be able to move, and in the worst case, he may die.

Kirill Tereshin MMA

A cheap substance which the Russian "MMA fighter" injected into the muscles led to health disorders: fever, severe pain, and weakness. To increase muscle volume,  Popeye injected 3 liters of the chemical subcutaneously into each arm. The petroleum actually increased the visible volume of the biceps, but at the same time penetrated into the subcutaneous tissue and skin, due to which blood circulation was impaired. Now doctors are trying to remove the remnants of the substance from the body, preserving blood vessels, nerves, and other anatomical structures of the hands.

Recently, Kirill has undergone a third operation which was very difficult. The man was convinced to remove the jelly by a 33-year-old model Alana Mamaeva who is campaigning in support of victims of plastic surgery complications.

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