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"The Ellen Show" is losing the viewers

ellen show

In the summer, Ellen DeGeneres, host of "The Ellen Show", faced serious accusations of misbehavior in the workplace. Although she apologized and continued doing her show, as usual, the latest data showed that the show lost around a million watchers after this incident. Namely, from September 2020 to March 2021, "The Ellen Show" amassed about 1.5 million viewers. However, during the same period last year, the show received an average of about 2.6 million viewers. Nevertheless, no one can say with certainty that this particular scandal is the reason for this happened.

The blame against "The Ellen Show" appeared in the summer. Staff members said they fought racism, fear, and bullying while being on set. And others said the producers even sexually harassed them. An investigation resulted in the firing of three male producers. Additionally, in March 2020, accusations against DeGeneres spread across social media. “I consider it really seriously. And I would like to say sorry to the people harmed by this"- the host commented on this situation. Firstly, the video with the apologies had high ratings, but after the season started, the fans vanished.

It is also speculated that the drop in the number of viewers may be related to changes in spectators' watching habits during the pandemic. During this time, there was a drop in the number of viewers on other talk shows, but none were as serious as "The Ellen Show". Ellen's number of viewers has fallen 43% from September 2020 to the present day.

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