The Ex-Girlfriend Accused Tyga of Domestic Violence, He Bruised Her
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The Ex-Boyfriend of Kylie Jenner Rapper Tyga Is Accused of Domestic Violence

Kylie Jenner Rapper Tyga

Tyga is involved in a scandal with the beating of his own girlfriend. Camaryn Swanson accused Tyga of domestic violence. At about 3 am on October 11, the girl appeared at the house of her ex-boyfriend in the middle of the night, although he asked her not to come, and began to scream. The artist himself and his relatives thought that the girl was drunk. The girl asked to be allowed inside, and the young man was against it. Eventually, Tyga went out to talk to the model, but the screams continued. And then the rapper applied physical force to his ex-girlfriend, after which her mother took her home. Already at home, Swanson's mother reported the incident to the police. 

tyga abuse ex girlfriend

Later, Camaryn posted on her Instagram a photo with bruises on her face. Swanson also shared the correspondence which opposes the version that the girl came to the rapper's house against his will. Camaryn also admitted that she is ashamed to talk about what happened, but this is the only way to stand up for herself and fight for the truth.

The American rapper has already turned himself in the Police Department. The performer was being held on a 50,000 dollars bail and was then discharged.

camaryn tyga relationship

This spring, the relationship between Tyga and the 22-year-old girl became known for the first time. In July, the model was seen with an engagement ring. Before dating Camaryn, the rapper was seeing Kylie Jenner for about two years. But at the beginning of 2017, it became known about their parting. After the breakup, Kylie has regularly shot in the company of her ex-lover, which prompted rumors of their reunion.

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