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The Filming of Sex and the City, Called and Just Like That, Is Now Begun | Find Out More

sex and city

The filming of HBO Sex and the City has officially begun! Sex and the City iconic actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Christine Davis, and Cynthia Nixon are together again. The stars shared a joint photo, posing overlooking New York City. And this means that everybody's favorite Sex and the City series are back. 

This week, Carrie posted a photo of herself with Miranda and Charlotte on set. And however it was nice to see the old team together after they were so many years apart, a lot of devoted fans have noticed that Kim Cattrall didn't show up.

Despite Samantha may have said goodbye to the franchise, the spectators will see Chris Noth, along with John Corbett, and David Eigenberg in the upcoming And Just Like That HBO.

The relaunched production for Sex and the City will arrive under the title And Just Like That. But while the HBO Max release date hasn't been announced yet, it seems that it will be announced in the near future. So, it remains for us to stay tuned.
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