The foreigner translated the names of Russian cities into English and received a map of a fairytale country

05 August 2020, 12:27 | Updated: 10 December 2020, 18:06
funny map

All names of settlements in Russia are divided into three parts.

Funny: Bukhalovo, Lochovoe, Babenki.
Beautiful: Svetlogorsk, St. Petersburg, Kolomna.
Simple: everyone else
The third group we’re interested in. If the most common Russian toponyms are translated into English, they will sound differently. They sound fabulous, in a Tolkien way.

That’s what one of the users of the popular English forum did. He has put the names of settlements on a map of Russia he liked and added to each of them a corresponding picture, which can be perceived as an emblem.

You imagine a fairytale character when looking at this map, who goes from mysterious Belgorod to Golden Mountain in search of treasures. He encounters the cold white inhabitants of Polyarny on the way, the rude woodcutters from wood and the wise monks from Crosses.

The hero realizes that happiness is not in the gold When he reaches the town of Mirny. There is a mysterious city of Keys somewhere beyond the edge of the Forest, from which you can go to the Bay of Providence to learn your destiny at the very edge of the world.

And now look at the pictures of these places. Indeed, fabulous and epic:


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