The 11-Year-Old Girl Gave Birth to a Child | Now, She Is the Youngest Mother in the UK
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The Girl from the UK Became the Youngest Mother in the Country, Being 11 Years Old

11 year old pregnant

As it was reported on Sunday, the girl who is 11 years old gave birth to a baby. Now, she is considered the youngest mother who gave birth in the United Kingdom.

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According to the information received, the girl was 10 years old when she got pregnant. She gave birth earlier this month, being over 30 weeks old.

The doctor Carol Cooper said that this is the youngest mother for the whole of her experience. She added that nowadays children are heavier and because weight influences hormones, puberty happens earlier.

And to everyone's surprise, the pregnancy shocked the girl's family, who did not know what she was expecting a baby. Now she is surrounded by expert support. And the social services together with the police have already started the investigation of the case. Meanwhile, the mother and her child are doing great.
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