In Africa, the Famous Gorilla Died, Who Knew How To Pose for a Selfie
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The Gorilla, Who Became a Star Because of a Selfie With Her Caretaker, Died

Star Gorilla takes selfie with caretaker

A mountain gorilla named Ndakasi died in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It became famous after a selfie went viral in 2019. In the photo, Ndakasi and another gorilla pose with a reserve staff member.

The gorilla passed away after a long illness on September 26 at the age of 14. The animal died in the arms of the ranger who saved it as an infant. Ndakasi has been under the care of the rescue center for over 10 years. It joined the oldest national park in Africa at the age of two months when the rangers found it in 2007 in the arms of its dead mother. An adult was shot by armed poachers in a series of gorilla massacres.

The Senkwekwe Center, which is located in Virunga National Park, is the only center in the world that is engaged in nursing and looking after orphaned mountain gorillas.

The gorilla who became famous after a selfie

Ndakasi starred in several TV shows and films, including the documentary Virunga. The massacres of endangered animals have led to reforms that have greatly increased the protection of mountain gorillas. In recent years, the situation has changed: the safety of the park has been strengthened and the gorilla population has grown from 720 individuals in 2007 to 1,063 in 2021.

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