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The Government of Iran Plans To Ban Keeping Dogs and Cats in the House

iran bans pets in the homes

The Iranian parliament is preparing a bill that will create problems for owners of dogs and cats. Now, keeping pets or walking dogs will be punishable by a large fine. And vehicles carrying animals will be confiscated for three months.

Such a bill was proposed by local deputies. They are against keeping absolutely any animals at home. According to them, pets spread disease, cause psychological damage to people, and spoil their souls. The document also specifies that homeowners can no longer rent apartments to owners of dogs and cats. An exception is planned only for law enforcement agencies (service dogs) and pharmaceutical companies (laboratory rodents).

Earlier, in 2011, Iran had already tried to push through this bill. However, some still believe that pet lovers will ignore the law, as well as past bans. In recent years, the number of pets has increased significantly in the country. Nowadays, more and more young inhabitants are adopting dogs and cats- especially for their children. Accordingly, for several years now, more and more veterinary clinics and pet stores have appeared.

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