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The Husband Stands With the I Love You Sign Every Day Outside His Wife’s Hospital Window

When his wife was taken to the hospital and not allowed any visitors, Gary Crane wanted to support her anyway by showing she wasn't alone. And every day the woman was in the chamber, he stood outside the window holding a sign I love you.

Donna Crane, who is 56, got a positive result for COVID-19. This happened a week after the resident of Florida received her Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And 10 days after the quarantine, she started feeling difficulties breathing. Gary immediately took his loved one to the nearest hospital.

After arriving at the medical institution, her oxygen levels were so low that the woman was quickly taken to the intensive care unit. And that was the last time she saw her husband.

It was a rough period for the couple. Then, the 61-years-old Gary could only call the nurses to ask basic questions. That's when the lieutenant decided to make a sign I love you with materials bought from a craft store. And every morning for the ten days he stood in the parking lot holding the sign. He texted his wife, and when Donna first saw it she started crying.

The woman was diagnosed with double pneumonia, however, the situation could have become even worse if Donna hadn't been vaccinated.

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