In the USA, the Name of the Brutal Serial Killer Zodiac Was Named
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The Identity of the Zodiac Maniac Has Been Revealed. Who Turned Out To Be a Killer?

Zodiac sign maniac

An American group of amateur detectives, which is investigating old criminal cases, said it had revealed the identity of the famous serial killer, nicknamed Zodiac. He carried out a series of attacks in California in 1968-1969, which killed five people and injured two more. Zodiac is best known for sending encrypted messages to the police and newspapers, some of which have not yet been deciphered. Zodiac murders also remain unsolved.

The Case Breakers group was founded in 2011 by a couple from Los Angeles. They met in the 1990s when both were privately investigating crimes involving themselves. The couple decided to continue working in this area and gathered like-minded people with experience in the army, special services, police, courts, forensic medical examination, and private investigation. Now the group includes more than 40 volunteers who are investigating old criminal cases.

According to amateur detectives, the maniac known as Zodiac was Gary Francis Poste, a post-veteran from California who worked as a house painter all his life and died of natural causes in 2018. The participants in the investigation stated that Poste had the same marks on his forehead as on the composite of Zodiac (they remained after a car accident). In addition, his name serves as the key for one of the unsolved ciphers of Zodiac. The Case Breakers also stated that some people who knew Poste believe that he could have been Zodiac.

Identity of the Zodiac Maniac code
Identity of the Zodiac Maniac code

In total, they found 20 people whose testimonies in one way or another can confirm the connection between Poste and Zodiac. Among them are six people who were told by Poste that he was Zodiac. Several other people, including Poste's former daughter-in-law, said that he formed a small gang of young people, knew how to handle weapons, killed animals, and was cruel towards his wife.

Law enforcement agencies reacted to such conclusions without enthusiasm. Officially, the police and the FBI said they could not comment on them, since the Zodiac case was not closed. Also, both departments said the Case Breakers' evidence did not seem convincing. The police and the media receive hundreds of reports each year about people who are believed to be Zodiac by relatives or acquaintances. Social networks users also think that the new version of the serial killer's personality is not very convincing and began to joke, calling actor Michael J. Fox Zodiac (because he looks like Poste) and the snail Gary from the animated series SpongeBob (because he is also Gary).

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