The Court Rejected the Rape Lawsuit Against the Rocker Marilyn Manson
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The Lawsuit for the Rape of One of the Victims of Marilyn Manson Was Denied by the Court

Rape of One of the Victims of Marilyn Manson

The court rejected one of the rape lawsuits against Marilyn Manson- the case of Jane Doe will not be considered due to the termination of the statute of limitations.

The woman stated that when they were in a relationship in 2011, the scandal artist regularly raped her, but she was forced to defeat her memories until February of this year. The judge ruled that Doe's statement did not indicate when she faced the harassment, or what the nature or scale of the memories was. The woman's lawyers now have 20 days to appeal but are still determined to win.

This is just one of many lawsuits that Manson's ex-girlfriends have filed in court. All of them accuse the rocker of violence and bullying, after which they have PTSD. In February, actress Evan Rachel Wood accused the artist of abuse and manipulation but did not file a lawsuit against the musician. Following her, several more women spoke about the musician's sexual abuse and harassment, among them- the burlesque dancer Esme Bianco. She stated that the singer beat and cut her, publicly humiliated, and controlled her entire life.

Manson and his representatives deny all charges. The rocker asserts that they represent a terrible distortion of reality.

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