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The Man Asked the Doctors To Cut Off His Fingers To Transform Into an Alien

Man cutted fingers to be alien

Anthony Loffredo, who is also called the most modified man in the world, has asked to amputate two of his fingers to transform his hand into a claw. In such an unusual way, the Frenchman wants to match the image of the black alien he ultimately dreams of becoming.

Obsessed with the desire to change his appearance to an alien, the 33-year-old man has been performing extreme body modifications for about ten years. Earlier this year, his upper lip was removed, and earlier both ears were removed to make him look like an alien. At the risk of blindness, he performed an eyeball tattoo.

Last year, he traveled to Spain to have his nose surgically removed, as such an operation is illegal in his home country. He also underwent bifurcated tongue surgery and has skin implants on his face that give his skin a hilly texture and create bumps on his cheekbones.

Anthony documents all the changes on his Instagram account, Black Alien Project, sharing the images with over 700,000 followers. Despite these dramatic changes, the man believes he has currently achieved only 34% of his desired body transformation.

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