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The Marvel Character Has Made a Coming-Out | Is Loki Canonically Gender-Fluid?

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Another gender identification of the Marvel character has become known. A lot of Marvel fans have been wondering is Loki canonically gender fluid now? And recently, the official Twitter account of the Loki series in Pride month decided to please all Marvel fans for whom the issue of gender identification of characters is really important. A fresh promo video of the series appeared on the network where the personnel file of the most insidious and charming Marvel hero Laufeyson was shown, where fluid was written in the column of gender. This means that Tom Hiddleston's character has a fluid gender identity and can be both male and female at different times.

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Loki from the comics is known for his ability to change his gender. But is Loki canonically gender fluid in the film? Fans have long been waiting for the confirmation of Loki’s gender-fluid, and now they consider him one of the few representatives of the LGBT community in Marvel who retained its characteristic in the film franchise.
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