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The Mayor Damaged the Gold Medal of the Olympic Champion. It Will Be Replaced

Olympic Champion To Be Replaced Gold Medal After the Award Was Bitten by the Mayor

An Olympic champion from Japan will be given another gold medal. Such a decision came after Miu Goto gave the mayor of her city to try on the award. And the official decided to try Olympic gold on a tooth and bit the medal. Now Takashi Kawamura is accused of violating sanitary standards, and the champion is promised a new reward.

During a conversation with the athlete, the mayor of Japanese city Nagoya asked if she was not forbidden to enter into a romantic relationship, so accusations of harassment were added to the unsanitary conditions. The official has already apologized for his actions and promised to give money for a new gold medal.

The incident took place on 4 August. During the photo session, the mayor took off his mask and started posing in front of the cameras with the medal in his mouth.

In Japanese social networks, Kawamura's actions were criticized: firstly, because of the violation of coronavirus restrictions (he took off his protective mask), and secondly, because of inappropriate words in the direction of the girl. In addition, according to the data, 7,000 people complained about his behavior.

The International Olympic Committee and the National Olympic Committee of Japan have approached Miu Goto with assurances that her medal with teeth imprints will be replaced with another one. The girl agreed and will receive a new award in the near future.

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