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The Media Stars Support the US Runner Who Got a Marijuana Positive Drug Test

sha carri richardson

At her 21s, Sha'Carri Richardson managed to win the National Qualifier with one of the best results in history, 10.86. Another time, she showed a phenomenal 10.72, which is the sixth result in sprint history. Therefore, the girl was going to the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo as the main hope of the US team. However, to everyone's surprise, Richardson got a positive marijuana test and, as a result, dropped out of the national team.

But why does everyone now support the girl with marijuana positive drug test? Let's be honest, traces of just marijuana were found in Sha'Carri's blood. In science and sports, for several decades, there has been a debate about what status the weed should have. And most importantly, how can illegal smoking affect athletic performance? And still, there is no evidence that the runner constantly smokes. She even has, it seems, a completely valid reason: the death of her mother. The woman passed away shortly before the start of the competition.

After Richardson was suspended from the Olympic team, colleagues and representatives of other sports rushed to support the girl on social networks. Then, other celebrities joined the support of the athlete: models Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hayley Bieber, singer Dua Lipa, and other stars. Now, social media users are demanding the return of the 21-year-old hope of American sports to the national team.

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