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Wojak Meme Origins

wojak meme

What Do You Need to Know About Wojak Meme?

Did you know that Wojak is a word from Polish that means soldier or warrior? As you know, Wojak or Feels Guy meme man is one of the memes from the internet. This meme is presented by a simple image of a black-outlined cartoon. Its main character is a blunt, poor-looking man. The meme Wojak is generically used to represent the following emotions: regret, solitude, sadness. As an MS Paint illustration, Feels Guy is just a common illustration of a bald man with a melancholic look on his face.

Origins of Feels Man Meme

wojak meme

Ask Me Anything (AMA) users report that Feels Face (Wojak) was firstly discovered on one of the imageboards vichan with a file named "twarz.jpg". The world discovered the meme after it was easily popularized as a reaction pic after it was submitted by Krautchan on Reddit. Originally, it was translated into German and put to the imageboard in May 2010. You can also find information that is called "Warm Face" or "Feels Face". The image went throughout the Net to other famous image boards (Italian, Pastachan, Russian, Dobrochan).

Spreading of the Feels Face Meme

feels guy meme

The first remarkable date is February 2nd, 2010. One of the Redditors called Voyack posted to Ask Me Anything to the the /r/datfeel subreddit, saying to be Wojack from Krautchan.

On October 3rd, 2013, the new article at Bustle claiming about the original story of the Feels Man meme. Also, in the same year but on November 19th on Facebook appeared a page with the title "Feels Guy", gaining more than 6 400 likes in 2 years.

On May 22nd, 2013, YouTuber ReluctantMisc posted an animated video with famous meme character Wojak. The title of the video is "A day in the life of 'that feels when' guy".

It is now there is a page at Wikipedia - people created on culture wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica on April 2nd, 2014. Finally, the /r/Wojak subreddit was published on March 14th, 2015. The various photoshopped edits spread all over the world. Continue reading to know about the greatest modifications of the Feels Man meme pic.

The Most Popular Variations of Feels Man

wojak feels meme


Let's come back to 2016. In that year posting of re-edited Wojak face memes in various forms and deformations as an act of reaction to criticize the intelligence of the publisher of a post. It is quite usual to find images where heads are disproportionately oversized in comparison with bodies, or the presence of wrinkled brains.

I Know That Feel Bro

This meme is also known as “to uczucie” or “to uczócie”, and it's one of the web-slang words that is used to express an agreement with someone's words or to convey empathy towards somebody. The original expression "I know that you feel, bro" is added to the picture with two Wojaks characters that embrace each other while exposing their feelings.

I Wish I Was At Home

"I Wish I Was At Home Playing Video Games" is generally used in situations when a person is at the place where he or she feels uncomfortable and sad. For example, a single gig at the couples party. The meme explains the feeling of sadness, loneliness, anxiety during being present in uncomfortable events.

Country Feels

The next meme the title "Country Feels" describes one of a variation series of Feels Man in the format of illustrations about him sitting at the computer desk in the center of different stereotypes about specific countries about which a meme is created. They all have similar designs and characters to the original one.

Pretty Princess Points

Pretty Princess Points is a set of Wojak pictures likely beginning from 4chan's /r9k/ board and portraying charming but psychologically unstable variants of Wojak.

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