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The Neighbor’s Snake Bites Man on the Toilet | Find Out More about the Morning Incident


Oops. This man definitely had the most terrible morning ever: a snake bit a man on the toilet. A man from Austria got an unpleasant surprise on Monday morning when a snake attacked him while he was using the toilet. The 65-year-old victim felt pain in the genital area after sitting in the toilet at his house. And when the man looked into the toilet to find out what happened, he saw a white-colored python staring at him.

As it turned out, the snake in the toilet who bit the man belonged to his neighbor, the reptile collector. The police found 10 other snakes in his apartment. However, it is unclear how the reptile escaped from the terrarium, but it is supposed it used the sewer system to get into the toilet.

The victim, whose name is unknown, was immediately taken to a local hospital. Despite the fact, pythons are not poisonous as they kill their prey with their constriction, their bites can be extremely painful. In addition, they carry various diseases.
The animal has successfully been removed after the incident of a snake bit a man while he was sitting on the toilet. Rescuing the animal from the toilet wasn't easy, not to hurt the python. The reptile tried to resist, but finally, it was removed and returned home. Now the authorities are investigating the owner of the animal.

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