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The Office Coronavirus Meme To Cheer You Up During Boring Quarantine Routine

It is impossible not to agree that the appearance of the coronavirus has greatly changed our usual life and now all people have to spend a lot of time at home, but this is not a reason to be sad. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University examined the impact of memes on the anxiety and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They came to the conclusion that coronavirus memes The Office has a very positive impact and while the whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, we want to distract ourselves a little and tune in to a positive mood. Funny characters from the series The Office and memes about coronavirus can help us.

The Office Meme Coronavirus

The Office Meme Coronavirus

Coronavirus is called differently by all characters in the Office. Here are some variations: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Chinese virus, SARS-CoV-2, Big Rona, or just the name in Mandarin.

Ways to Say Coronavirus?

Officecoronavirus meme

As you can see in this Office coronavirus meme, people are divided into two types: those who say Coronavirus and those who say COVID-19. For some reason, those who say the second option in our imagination look elegant and well-groomed, which is very funny.

The Office Meme Coronavirus Routine

The Office Meme covid

Since the onset of quarantine, the routine of many people has not changed much, because they already spent a lot of time at home and there is no difference for them. Do not forget that you must definitely go outside and breathe fresh air for at least 1 hour, if you are allowed to do so and you are not sick with coronavirus.

Kevin and Corona Light

Office covid 19 meme

We are all a bit of Kevin Malone in this The Office corona virus meme. He drank Corona Light and says that now he is sick with coronavirus and its symptoms are light, because beer is also light. But you can't get coronavirus if you drink beer with a name like Kevin on this Office covid 19 meme, don't worry!

Coronavirus Scared the Whole World

Office corona memes

The coronavirus scared the whole world just like Angela scared Dwight at a party. For some reason, the Universe decided that it was necessary to reduce humanity and sent us this terrible virus, but users of social networks are not discouraged and keep making funny Office corona memes.

The Office Reaction Meme

The Office Reaction Meme

Everyone thought that 2020 would be a very good year without any unexpected incidents, but below we see The Office coronavirus meme where employees are screaming and shocked by the ongoing chaos. It is impossible to disagree with this funny Office covid meme.

COVID-19 Cancelled Everything

coronavirus The Office meme

We all thought that the virus would not be able to do as described on this coronavirus The Office meme with Michael Scott, who wants to cancel all months. Unfortunately, for three years now, the coronavirus has not gone away and continues to cancel all months and holidays, which is why life has changed so much and is unlikely to become the same.

Jim and the Coronavirus

The Office covid meme

In this The Office covid meme, Jim Halpert points to a board that says schools should be closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Below we see the text “but mostly to give anxious teenagers some rest”. Many school children need rest and distance learning has become a little easier.

Coronavirus The Office Characters Meme

The Office covid 19 meme

One of the users imagined what the characters from the Office would look like if they had grown a beard in quarantine. In this The Office covid 19 meme, you can see Dwight, Michael and Jim. Very good photoshop, especially in the case of Jim – for some reason he became an Asian with a beard. Quarantine does not spare everyone.

Thoughts of Coronavirus

The Office corona meme

The Office corona meme is about the fact that Dwight Schrut said aloud the main goal of covid 19. This virus really believes that there are too many people on Earth and plague is needed, but nowadays it is a coronavirus pandemic. Do not forget to comply with all quarantine measures and take care of your health so as not to become one of the targets of this virus.

The authors of the blog wish you a good mood and try to keep a cheerful spirit even in such a difficult time. Let our selection of the 10 best covid 19 The Office memes help you cope with stress and distract from problems, most importantly, don't get sick!

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