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The Office Valentines Meme For A Declaration Of Love To Your Soulmate

Valentine's Day is the day of the patron saint of all lovers, which is celebrated in many countries around the world. On February 14, lovers (or, which has also become a tradition, just close people) confess their love and respect and give each other nice gifts and “valentines” – small cards decorated with hearts, roses, kittens, kissing angels or doves. The heroes of the series The Office also celebrate this wonderful holiday every year. Let's take a look at 12 of the cutest and funniest moments that happened on Valentine's Day at The Office.

Dwight Meme on Valentine's Day

funny Office Valentines

Incredibly cute pun, when instead of “beautiful” you can write “Dwight-ful” as if referring us to one of the main characters of the series. Of course, Dwight is smiling in this funny Office Valentines card.

Unpleasant Valentine

The Office Valentines meme

An unpleasant valentine from a secret admirer. On this The Office Valentines meme, one of the Office heroines read “Roses are red. Violets are blue. It's time for your dental cleaning. And maybe a check-up too". If you have a girlfriend, then even jokingly do not dare to write her such a wish for Valentine's Day.

Michael in Love

Valentines Day meme The Office

Cupid hit Michael Scott with an arrow and he suddenly fell in love. Maybe at least for Valentine's Day, he’ll be kinder? If you feel like Michael on Valentine's Day, then be sure to save yourself this The Office Valentines meme.

Horny Valentines Day meme The Office

Horny Valentines Day meme

Kevin Malone suddenly started joking horney jokes about pose 69. Although what else is needed on this wonderful holiday besides love and the union of two burning hearts?

The Office Valentines Day Cards Memes

The Office Valentines Day Cards Memes

A very funny postcard in the style of the TV series Office. If your loved one also works and loves to watch the TV series of the same name, then he’ll definitely love this romantic Valentine's Day card with Dwight.

Dwight's Perfect Valentine's Day

Dwight Perfect Valentine Day

Dwight's funny thoughts from The Office about Valentines don't sound as romantic as everyone expected. He does not want to spend this holiday with his beloved woman, but after all, everyone has a different concept of love. Dwight wants to be at home with three cell phones in front of him.

Michael Loves You Too

Michael Loves You Too

A funny Valentines Day card meme about The Office for your significant other. But do not forget that this postcard can be sent to your friends and those who adore The Office series as much as you do.

Romantic Angela and Dwight

Romantic Angela and Dwight

If Angela and Dwight look the same as you and your significant other, then send this The Office Valentines card to your loved one rather. It is not necessary to wait for the onset of Valentine's Day to once again confess warm feelings to your partner.

Jim At Valentine's Day The Office

JimAt Valentines Day The Office

Memorial card for Valentine's Day with Jim from the Office. If you want to say “You always left me satisfied and smiling” to your significant other, then doing it on Valentine's Day would be a great idea!

Singles on Valentine's Day

The Office Valentines Day card

What else do those who have no relationship have to do on this holiday? That's right, for them this is the same ordinary day as all other days. Lonely people just go to work, but in their hearts they still want to have a loved one with whom they can spend Valentine's Day. It's sad that these people won't receive The Office Valentines Day card.

The Office Valentines Day Card Meme

The Office Valentines Day Card Meme

Aggressive Valentine's Day card with Michael Scott. If you want to declare your love to your partner, then rather save this picture. You can even print it out, sign it and hand it in on the day of the holiday.

Stanley Valentines Day Memes The Office

Stanley Valentines Day Memes The Office

And the top postcard on Valentine's Day for true fans of the series The Office. This joke can only be understood by those who know about Stanley's incredibly strong love for pretzels. If you want to tell your loved one about strong feelings, then just hand this Valentines Day meme card.

The authors of the blog wish you to spend Valentine's Day with those you truly love. Those who were left without a partner on this holiday – do not be discouraged, this means that your person has not yet been found and will soon come into your life. Don't forget to save our selection of The Office Happy Valentines Day memes.

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