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The owner of the dog attacking the seal gives his deepest apologies

dog attack

Recently, the dog attacked loved by everyone seal named Freddie Mercury, who had to be sedated after all due to severe injuries. Dog's owner apologized for the incident and said that she is grieving.

Rebecca Sabben-Clare apologizes for the incident that happened in London on Sunday and added that she is very sorry that she did not keep the dog on a leash. The seal, who was only 10 months years old, attracted crowds of adoring fans, could not be saved after it was ripped into pieces by the dog near the Thames.

Photos show Freddie being attacked while a woman and four witnesses tried to rip the dog's jaws off a pure animal. It had a broken bone, a dislocated fin and joint, and damaged ligaments and nerves.

Finally, it had to be sedated and this led to a wave of judgment against the lawyer. “As an animal lover, I understand all the negative reactions on me. I apologize for what happened"- the woman said. “I am very grateful to everyone who was trying to help me on the scene. We tried to do everything in our power"- it was added.

Sabben contacted the authorities immediately after leaving the scene. In addition, she made a donation to a wildlife hospital that treated the seal.

“We are deeply depressed by what happened to Freddie, and this is why it is so important to keep your dog on a leash when it is next to another wild animal”- said the animal health agency. The police stated they would not open an investigation into the tragedy since the owner of the dog was informed.

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