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The painting of mysterious Banksy was sold for a record price


On Tuesday, Christie's London auctioned a painting, by the mysterious artist Banksy, showing a medical worker as a superhero. The painting was purchased for 23.2 million dollars and this is considered the largest amount of money for Banksy's work to this moment. The artist donated raised money to the University Hospital Southhampton last May.

"Game Changer" is a black and white picture of a child who is playing with a toy, namely a nurse as a superhero. The painting is one meter long and was auctioned at Christie's auction house located in London for a record price of 23.2 million dollars.

The painting was donated by the artist as a sign of appreciation to the staff of the University Hospital Southhampton who bravely and hard-fought against coronavirus. According to the information, the work was given along with a letter that said “Thank you for everything that you are doing. I hope it will brighten up the place, even if it is only in black and white colors". The raised money will be used to support staff and patients and cover their medical expenses.

With an expected selling price of 4 million euros, the painting was sold at 16.7 million euros to Katharine Arnold of Christie's who called Banksy "an outstanding artist". The copy of the painting will take the place of the original one in the hospital where patients, visitors, and workers can enjoy it as long as they want.

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