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The Paparazzi Photographed Tom Holland and Zendaya Kissing in the Car | They Looked Happy

tom holland and zendaya

The star of the Euphoria series and the Avengers actor has recently been noticed kissing in Tom's car while driving through Los Angeles city. Colleagues, who starred in the Spider-Man film together, were literally caught during a passionate kiss when the car stopped at a red light. The couple looked very happy, smiling at each other. Tom stroked Zendaya's chin and then kissed her.

Rumors that 24-years-old actress and 25-years-old actor were dating not only in the script but also in real life, circulated for several years, immediately after the stars first worked together in 2017. Then, the actors denied the rumors, saying that they were just friends.

Previously, the couple was seen in the area of ​​Los Angeles, where Zendaya's mother lives. The three of them were leaving the house together, so their relationship may be very serious.

They were very careful, keeping everything in secret. But then, according to the anonymous source, they went on vacation and spent as much time together as possible.

Perhaps a spark flashed between the actors on the set, but then their paths parted. And the new work brought them closer again. The forthcoming movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, will arrive in cinemas in December 2021.

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