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Do You Want To Know About The Party Guy Meme? Read About Origin And Meaning In This Article

At the end of November-beginning of December, a picture with a soldier who stands at the wojak party on the sidelines and says “They don't know that I...” or “But I...” circulated on social networks. The picture is actually more than ten years old, but in 2020 it returned to the Internet and became relevant again.

The Party guy meme appeared back in 2009. Since then, he has been reborn in internet culture in many guises and eventually became one of the main memes of 2020. But at that time it was just a character sketch in MS Paint with a sad face.

He was devoted to primitive plots in the style of Rage comics, and in 2009 one of them appeared on the Internet humor site Sad and Useless. In the picture, a fighter in a festive cap and a glass in his handstands in the corner of the room while the rest of the heroes are having fun. Uncomfortable feels guy at the party - he thinks: “I wish I could be home now, play video games. The music is too loud. My legs hurt. I'm hungry".

Description of Party Guy Meme

It often happens that people with social anxiety tend to engage in internal dialogues that they hope are not recognized by those around them. This topic has been widely studied in the Internet memes environment.

It can be very difficult to hide the feeling of discomfort, especially when the feeling itself further discourages talking about it. For such cases, there are memes, such as, for example, "I wish I was at home." This macro is more recently known as "They don't know what I am".

From I wish I was a home meme, we can conclude that his hero is an introvert. He doesn't worry about all the fun passing him by. Rather, he just wants to be alone in a less noisy and "social" environment.

Origin of Feels Guy at Party

party guy meme

The first macro "Wish I Was Home" was posted on Sad and Useless, an online forum for self-deprecating memes, in late 2009.

This post contained a drawing of a man at a house party where people are dancing, relaxing, and having a good time, but he does not feel it all. Instead, the man stood in the corner of the living room, sipping a drink and thinking to himself how he would like to be at home and play video games. Years later, Guy at party meme transformed into a video on YouTube and into other variations of memes.

In 2014, the meme was again sold on Reddit and 4chan, and this time the classic I wish I was at home meme template was replaced with other characters, and the desire to be at home was associated with their characteristics. Supporters of the SJW agenda wanted to go home and reflect on patriarchy, Shrek wanted to be back in his native swamp, and the dog was upset that no one was barking around.

In November 2020, the Wojak party meme was updated and posted on Twitter. This time, the internal dialogue has been replaced with “They don't know what I am,” which hints that if other people knew what the protagonist was capable of, they would pay more attention to him or her. This latest version of Guy standing in corner meme has proven to be very popular on social media like Reddit and Instagram, especially when it comes to video game skills.

Meaning of I Wish I Was at Home Meme

i wish i was home meme

Everyone knows that making fun of a person's awkward behavior is socially unacceptable; the only exception is, for example, a shy woman who makes fun of her social anxiety as a kind of self-help therapy.

However, on the Internet, ridicule of others is similar to mass therapy. If humorous self-awareness is your thing, then this macro will make you and others smile.

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