Strange Photos Of Penguins That Always Walk In Threes By Twitter User Denis
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Funniest penguins photos ever


Why do penguins go in threesomes? That's the question Twitter user Denis asked. He went on an expedition to Antarctica for a year and will spend the whole of 2020 there. Denis measures fluctuations of a magnetic field of the Earth. And in his spare time, he takes pictures of local landscapes and animals - including penguins.

The network has been wondering why penguins walk in groups of three

"Thinking about why penguins walk in three. When it's single and pairs, it's clear. But I often see threesomes and it's a mystery to me," Denis said.


Commentators offered their options on why penguins walk in threes

"There are three who think"

According to Denis, this option was the most popular among users. It was offered 15 times.

A little bit of geometry

"The triangle is the most stable figure. Three is stronger than two."

Could it be a love triangle?

"Probably two guys. Everybody's hoping for a sea lion to eliminate a competitor."

But according to Denis, it’s probably three males.

Maybe it's about safety?

"We live in a 3-dimensional dimension and each one checks its plane for predators' implacability."

Or the ability to keep warm?

"I suppose warm one in a sandwich of two if someone freezes..."

What if it's a whole family?

"The son grew up but hasn't moved out yet."

Or are they just friends?

"Boyfriend, girlfriend, and their mutual friend so it's not boring."

The answer of science to this question proved to be much simpler than all the theories.

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