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The Players of the 2021 PGA Championship Had to Stop a Match Because of an Alligator Walk

crocodile on golf

Recently, players watched a small alligator who was walking along the fairway during the 2021 PGA Championship was held. Patrick Rada, together with Adam Long and Cameron Tringale, had to stop the match that took place on Friday, while the baby alligator was crossing the fairway. Finally, when the unexpected guest safely left their way, the match was finally resumed. The images of the alligator on the golf course, show the golfers giggling as they watch the reptile slowly walk past them. Read also: At the Last Conference, It Was Announced about LaMDA, Google AI Chatbot

This time, the PGA Championship was held at a resort called Kiawah Island Golf Resort located on the island of Kiawah in South Carolina. Alligators are known to be common in this area. Nevertheless, the participants were lucky to meet such a small representative of the crocodile family, because giant alligators walk here quite often during the championships.

So, on Tuesday, another larger alligator who walks across the golf course was photographed. Interestingly, the local resort even invites its guests to travel around the island with a naturalist to see the creatures in their ideal habitat.
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