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The Rapper Drake Wasted a Million Dollars at a Strip Club After the Smash at Astroworld

rapper drake waste million

After the tragedy at the Astroworld festival during the performance of Travis Scott, the rapper was hit by a wave of hate. On November 5, 10 people were killed in a mass smash, and Drake, who was also a participant in the concert, was criticized. The audience began to accuse the performers of not interrupting the performance, although at that moment people were dying in the crowd.

Drake Wasted a Million Dollars at a Strip Club

Drake did not comment on what happened, and the day after the tragic events he went with friends to the Area 29 strip club in Houston. The artist considered that only strippers could calm him down. Soon, the photos and videos from the institution appeared on the network, where dancers collected money that covered the entire floor in the club. All two floors were covered with money. The strippers thanked Drake on camera for such a generous tip. However, this money would have helped the victims and their families. At that time, Drake already knew about the consequences of the festival. Nevertheless, this did not stop him from having fun.

On Tuesday, a lawyer acting on behalf of 125 victims of the festival rush filed a lawsuit in a court. According to the lawyer, these corporations are obliged to share the guilt of the organizers, since they also received profits from the festival, and through the joint efforts of the defendants to pay 750 million dollars in compensation to the victims. This lawsuit marks at least the 36th legal action following the Astroworld tragedy.

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