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The Rapper Kanye West Acquired a Mansion Next to the House of His Ex-Wife, Kim Kardashian

new kanye west home
new kanye west home

Kanye West has recently acquired a small mansion next to his ex-wife's estate. The artist's new home is located across the street from the couple's former joint residence in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, California.

The American rapper bought the ranch from an unknown family who owned the site since 1955 for the amount of 4.5 million dollars. On the 335 square meters property, there is a one-story house with four bedrooms with an ancient 1980s refurbishment, and three bathrooms. The spacious kitchen is equipped with relatively new furniture and appliances- there is a cooking island, a dishwasher, and an oven.

The yard has an outbuilding for servants and a swimming pool, and a large part of the plot is occupied by a stable. It is supposed that the rapper will carry out major renovations before starting to appear in this house.

According to the realtors who oversaw the deal, the rapper was eager to get the property and paid the ranchers 421,000 dollars more than the asking price.

The common mansion of the former spouses in Hidden Hills after the divorce went to Kim Kardashian. At the end of September, the artist signed documents to relinquish his share of the real estate, and the TV star bought the estate for 20 thousand dollars. Since filing for divorce, Kim has lived in the mansion and considers it the most important object in the division of property. The main reason why the celebrity decided to leave the house for herself, she called comfort for the children.

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