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The Rapper Travis Scott Held a Festival in Texas Where Eight People Were Killed

Travis Scott Held a Festival in Texas Where Eight People Were Killed
astroworld festival

The two-day festival, which is being organized by Travis Scott himself, ended with a massive crush. As a result, 8 people died during the rapper's performance. The event was to take place on Friday and Saturday. However, the organizers stopped the festival when they realized that there were victims. And the second day of the music festival, scheduled for November 6, was canceled.

Astroworld Festival was held in Texas, where 50 thousand people came from all over the country. The activity in the crowd raised after the rapper Drake joined Travis Scott on stage. And in just a few minutes, several people fell to the ground, probably having cardiac arrest or another attack. During the concert, Travis stopped the performance several times, seeing people pushing around the stage, and asked security to help the victims get out of the crowd. Emergency vehicles drove up to the stage several times with their sirens and flashing lights on. A video from the festival was posted on Twitter, showing how some spectators jump on the roof of a car with flashing lights while the performance is in progress.

During Travis Scott’s Concert in Texas, 8 People Died in the Crowd

Eight deaths are now known, and hundreds more were injured, according to the city's fire chief. 17 people were taken to the hospital, including 11 who had a cardiac arrest. One of the victims is 10 years old.

Now investigators are identifying the victims. The organizer of the festival, Live Nation, and Travis Scott himself collaborate with the police and local authorities.

Travis returned to his native Houston with his own festival in 2018. Since then, concerts have been held every year at NRG Park, which once became the inspiration for the name of the rapper's third studio album. The first festival three years ago featured Post Malone, Young Thug, Slim Thug, and others.

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