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The Rescuers Saved a Young Minke Baby That Got Stuck in the Thames Sluice

baby whale

A baby whale that was stuck in the river Thames sluice, was successfully rescued in London. The saving operation of the animal lasted almost five hours. 

It was reported that a young minke whale got stuck in a Thames sluice in southwest London. A four-meter baby whale found itself being in the Richmond lock at low tide. The pure animal was spotted on Sunday at about 19:00. Then rescuers arrived at approximately 21:00.

The rescue of the whale was attended by representatives of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, as well as firefighters, police officers, and divers. Before the arrival of the rescuers, the port employee was watering the whale with a hose, and they tried to fill the sluice with water. Then, they carefully loaded it onto a raft and transported it closer to sea waters. Dozens of eyewitnesses watched the rescue of the whale, and now photos and videos from the scene are posted on social media.

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