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The Residents of a Complex Watched a Horse Placed in the Elevator Together with Its Owner


Videocameras of a residential complex located in Tel Aviv recorded a horse that goes up the elevator together with its owner and his friend. The man calmly leads the animal first into the lobby of the building and then into the elevator itself. The recording of a horse riding in an elevator quickly went viral through social media.

But in fact, the owner of the horse decided to visit a friend who lives on the 6th floor of the complex. According to him, he could not leave the horse on the street because it is very valuable and he was afraid it will be stolen. The building manager then wrote: "We made a mistake and forgot to include in the rules that horses are not allowed in the building and of course, cannot be placed in the elevator." The ban on riding horses in elevators will soon be included in the law of the house.

Some residents, who watched what was happening, were amused by the situation. They even joked that when the tigers and giraffes arrived, they would open a safari. However, some were angry and went to the police. The owner of the horse and his friend were detained but it is not yet clear what they are accused of.

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