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The Robots Can Synchronically Dance: Discover More about Boston Dynamics Robot Dance

boston dynamic

Boston Dynamics decided to celebrate the successful end of the deal with Hyundai. According to the information, the deal of the Korean carmaker buying the company cost 921 million dollars. And on this occasion released a video on their YouTube channel where we see seven robot dogs by Boston Dynamics dancing to the song of K-pop group BTS. 

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The developers managed to create more than just a dance- the dog's plastic surprises! Their natural and smooth steps and moves are so precisely timed that it seems as if the robots are actually listening to and responding to music. Their ability to move in space without stepping on each other is the result of great programming work. The developers believe that the Boston Dynamics robot dog dance demonstrates the capabilities of Spot and Atlas robots and the software.

Critics welcomed the video of the Boston Dynamics robot dance to the I'm On It hit mostly positively.

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