The Rules of the Internet | Find Out More Interesting Rules on the Internet
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Don’t You Know about the Main Internet Rules Yet? Well, It’s Time to Read Them

There are a large number of the rules of the Internet, explaining and warning about certain phenomena and events on the Internet. They also include a lot of memes and tricks, that a new user will not immediately understand if he/she isn’t into that sort of thing. Below is an Internet rules list of the most important and simple rules for your reference. I have selected the most popular and important examples of Internet rules. Read them carefully and try to remember at least a small part.

rules of the internet meme
  1. We are Anonymous.
  2. Anonymous never forgives.
  3. Anonymous can be a terrible, insensitive, indifferent freak.
  4. There are no posting rules.
  5. There are no moderation rules either - enjoy your ban.
  6. All your carefully chosen arguments can simply be ignored.
  7. Everything you say can and will be used against you.
  8. Everything you say can be turned into everything.
  9. Do not argue with the trolls - it means that they won.
  10. The more you try, the more you fail.
  11. An epic failure can subsequently become a victory for a fail.
  12. Every winner will eventually fail.
  13. Anything that can be labeled can be hated.
  14. TITS or GTFO - the choice is yours.
  15. And the more you hate, the stronger it becomes.
  16. Nothing should be taken seriously.
  17. The original content is original only for those few seconds until it becomes an accordion.
  18. Each subsequent post deviates more and more from the given topic.
  19. Any topic can be easily turned into a completely extraneous discussion.
  20. There are NO girls on the internet.
  21. The shadows are ALL WRONG! Definitely Photoshopped
  22. All your pictures were photoshopped – no exceptions.
  23. Always ask about your interlocutor's sexual preferences, for no reason.
  24. Always ask about the sex of the interlocutor - just in case, but in fact it is a man.
  25. On the Internet, all girls are men, and all children are undercover FBI agents.
  26. You must have pictures to prove your words.
  27. There is porn about it-no exceptions.
  28. Anonymous does NOT forgive.
  29. You will never have sex.
  30. A cat is also good.
  31. One cat follows another.
  32. The other cat is followed by the Zippocat.
  33. It doesn't matter what it is - someone always likes it.
  34. This is a delicious cake. You must eat it.
  35. This is a delicious trap. You must hit it.
  36. There will always be even more shit than what you just saw.
  37. You cannot divide by zero - that's what the calculator said.
  38. There are no real boundaries for discussion - not even the sky.
  39. Desu is not funny. It is worse than the jokes of Chuck Norris.
  40. Nothing is sacred.
  41. The more beautiful and purer something is, the more we are pleased with its desecration.
  42. When you see a lion, you have to get into the car.
  43. There's always furry porn about that.
  44. This pool is always closed.
  45. There is always a female version of a male character - no exceptions.
  46. A crack and a pirated copy will be made for this - no exceptions.
  48. One positive comment about Japan and you're wap-kun.
  49. You can jerk off to anything.

You have read almost the most relevant of all the rules of the Internet. But in fact, there are much more of them, you can list it for a very long time, but my task was to acquaint you with the most important and original rules of the Internet, that I could find.

Some rules, for example, 7 and 9 are known to almost everyone and are clear for understanding even an unprepared person, while rules 32 and 39 look strange and like rules of the Internet meme, but in fact, they have a deep meaning. To understand such rules, you need to be into that sort of thing.

If you want to read all the Internet rules, it will definitely amuse you, finding the rules of the Internet full list will not be difficult. Scroll websites and have fun, but be prepared for the fact that sometimes there are quite harsh statements that may even hurt you.If you want to show such deep knowledge and someone asks you about what are the rules of the Internet, you can proudly show this list.

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