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The Scientists Announced the Existence of the 5th Ocean | So, What Are the 5 Oceans?

5 ocean

National Geographic has recognized the existence of a fifth ocean, and it will now be mapped. Starting from 1915, National Geographic has been creating maps, and four oceans have always been marked on them: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and the Arctic. But now, the 5 oceans in the world officially exist.

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But yesterday, on June 8, 2021, World Oceans Day, cartographers officially recognized that there is a fifth, called the Southern Ocean.

In 1937, the NOAA discovered the existence of the Southern Ocean. However, in 1953 they dropped the decision to recognize it after the pressure from the scientific association arrived.

And finally, the Southern Ocean was recognized, which consists of most of the waters that surround Antarctica. But  the Drake Passage and the Scotia Sea are not included.

All other oceans are determined by the continents that enclose them, and to the South by the Antarctic circumpolar current, which appeared approximately 34 million years ago.
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