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The Second of the Famous Plastic Surgery Twin Brothers Bogdanoff Died

second brother bogdanoff died

In France, Igor Bogdanoff died. The man was known as the second of the viral twin brothers who became famous for various plastic surgeries.

Igor's brother, known as Grichka passed away on December 28 of the consequences of the COVID-19 disease. They both were 72 years old. Igor had six children from three different women, while his brother had no children at all.

The twins were born in France and raised into the family of a Russian artist. They entertained science programs on national television, published articles on the origin of the universe and the big bang theory, along with books on science fiction and philosophy. In addition, each of them released a dissertation, but unfortunately, their work was then recognized as unscientific.

The Bogdanoff brothers also became famous for their unusual appearance. It is believed that they underwent many plastic surgeries to change their appearance to almost unrecognizable. However, the showmen denied the fact that they had asked plastic surgeons for help. They also became heroes of memes in which the Internet users ridiculed their appearance and even invented funny conspiracy theories. For example, some say that the brothers were an influential family that secretly ruled the country.

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