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The Singer Bob Dylan Was Accused of Raping a Child. The Incident Happened in 1965

The 80-Year-Old Rocker, Bob Dylan, Was Sued for Raping a 12-Year-Old Girl in 1965

Iconic American musician, Bob Dylan, was accused of raping an underage girl. The incident happened in 1965 when the victim was only 12 years old. Such a lawsuit was filed on August 13 in the New York State Supreme Court. The alleged victim reported sexual acts and threats from the rocker. At that moment, Dylan was allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol and raped the victim several times, pumping her with substances and exerting emotional pressure, in his apartment located in Manhattan.

The woman reports that after the experience, she developed emotional and psychological problems, depression, and anxiety, which are felt even after many years. A spokesman for Dylan has already said that the 56-year-old allegations are untrue and promised to refute them.

Bob Dylan who is now 80 years old is a legendary rock musician, whose name is enlisted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Dylan received 12 Grammy and Oscar awards for Best Song.

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